The Professionals at Just Mediation Inc, provide an alternative to litigation for Divorce Mediation, Legal Separation, Marital Mediation, Couple Mediation, Family and Teen Mediation, Community Mediation and Equine Mediation. Using a structured process, we will help you resolve your differences and arrive at a fair settlement agreement so that everyone wins!


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If you are considering a divorce or legal separation


If you are worried about your children, child support and who will get custody


If you are concerned with the high cost of hiring an attorney in today’s economy


If you are having trouble with your teen or newly blended family


Have an issue with your business or neighbor?


If you are looking for a COST EFFECTIVEamicable way to resolve your problem whatever it may be then you have come to the right place. The staff at Just Mediation Inc is here to help you. In Mediation everybody wins because the parties determine the outcome not the strangers in a court room. Having any problem is difficult and stressful enough without making a strategic game of it.


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There are many benefits to mediating your problems. Mediation creates a safe, supportive environment for constructive communication where each party is heard.  The Mediator does not say who is right or who is wrong however if requested by the parties the mediator can make recommendations for resolving your dispute.Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution  process. Whether the goal is to achieve a Divorce, Legal Separation, resolve a  Family matter or any other issue you may have you can do so  with one of our Professional Mediators. You will save time and money while being treated with respect and integrity. Our mediation service empowers you to put aside your differences in order to  resolve your issues, avoid litigation, reduce your emotional stress and save you money so you can move on with your life. In Mediation the parties decide the outcome not the strangers in a court room. Everybody wins.
What is Mediation? Mediation vs Litigation
Mediation is a compassionate, confidential alternative to resolve disputes to avoid costly, time - consuming litigation. It involves a process in which parties engage in negotiations to resolve their differences with the assistance of a Professional Mediator that is trained to be a third party neutral. The Mediator  facilitates negotiation discussions between the parties in an effort to make a fair and amicable agreement that fits your individual needs. You never have to step inside a Courtroom. Mediation is informal and flexible. Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation. It allows the parties to successfully resolve issues and  achieve an agreement. When parties litigate, each party must hire an attorney who typically charges a high retainer as well as a high hourly rate. However, when you mediate with Just Mediation Inc, we will give you an affordable fee for the mediation, which is typically less than the cost of one attorney in a litigated matter. In Mediation your personal business is kept confidential not on display in a Courtroom.






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