As a horse owner myself, I know the joy they bring. Horse owners wait all day for one thing… to go see their HORSE!


When considering  Mediation to resolve conflicts within the horse business; it is important to consider the expertise and knowledge of the mediator within the  horse community. The horse industry is specialized in nature and terminology therefore, it will be easier for all involved and  for things to proceed quickly  if the mediator  is knowledgable in the field instead of starting from scratch. The horse business is truly an area where it takes one to know one. 


  • Whether you have saved all your life to have your horses in your back yard and have boarders
  • Lease a barn and board horses
  • Rough board your horse in a co- op situation
  • Teach lessons
  • You are a farrier
  • You are a vet
  • Buy / sell / lease  horses
  • Transport horses
  • Own a tack shop 
  • Own a Feed company / Hay company

There is nothing worse than NOT having harmony and respect at a barn and NOT being paid for services provided. Disputes arise at an alarming frequency in the horse business. Disputes can range from a minor issue over a feed bill or an alleged liability serious enough to threaten the existance and integrity of your businesss such as an injury 

I hear and have experienced too often


  • Boarders not respecting other boarders or worse the barn owner or manager
  • Boarding facilities without written rules or a boarding contract / breaching those contracts
  • Trainers disrespecting ring space while teaching
  • Farriers, vets, hay companies not being paid for services they provided
  • Horse injured in your care or your horse was injured in someone elses care
  • Injured riders
  • Property damage
  • misrepresentation of a sale horse and or leased horse
  • Lease agreements
  • Selling a horse with 1st right of refusal 
  • Consignment sale and training agreement disputes
  • Ownership and breeding disputes

Whatever the problem may be we all know that it takes a horse person to understand a horse person’s issue because we speak the same language.

Let a Professional Mediator help you work through your issues, develop rules and a boarding contract that everyone can live with.

Let a Professional Mediator help you retrieve monies owed instead of just letting it go.

 In Mediation everybody wins because the parties determine the outcome.

The mediation process itself teaches a critical life skill and this exposure to new ways to resolve certain issues can build a foundation for developing healthy social and interpersonal relationships.


If you are looking for a COST EFFECTIVEamicable way to resolve your problem whatever it may be then you have come to the right place. In Mediation everybody wins because the parties determine the outcome not the strangers in a court room. Having any problem is difficult and stressful enough without making a strategic game of it.


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Affordable rates to fit ALL budgets!


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