A Cohabitation agreement is a legal contract negotiated between a heterosexual or same - sex couple who have chosen to live together (cohabitate) but are not married. The rights and responsibilities of each party are memorialized in writing. The agreement will address issues such as Division of expenses, Division of property and assets obtained during the course of the relationship.


Often when a relationship starts; thoughts of a break up do not enter into the couples mind. After all why should they the relationship is new, fresh and exciting. During the course of the time spent together and as things progress in the relationship conversations will take place concerning living together, marriage, and children. These are big steps. However in my practice as a mediator I'm noticing a new "trend". That trend is couples living together  in a committed relationship, sharing an apartment, buying real estate, having children, opening  joint bank accounts accounts, taking out loans or co-signing loans for one another, adding pets to the home as well as numerous assets obtained together.


This "trend" is absolutely fine and many people are choosing this road instead of marriage or prior to marriage for various reasons.


Some Reasons are:


  • The couple is contemplating marriage but want to see if they can live together 1st. 
  • The couple has been married and through divorce before. They want to enjoy the companionship of living with their significant other but don't want to tie the knot just yet or at all.
  • The couple doesn't want to spend the money on a wedding

Whatever the reason may be for a couple to choice to live in this manner could be cause for concern if there is a break up down the road and there is no agreement in place beforehand and the reason is very  simple; who will decide how you will divide your assets, debt, who will keep the pets and if you have children together who will the children live with? What child support and visitation schedule will be determined?  


There is no marriage so the couple would NOT seek a matrimonial attorney. Which is why couples in these situations are seeking a mediators assistance.


Whether you want an agreement before you move in together


Whether you have been living together and are contemplating breaking up and want to try to work it out and / or come to an agreement before one of you move out of the home


Or, if you have broken up and require an agreement to resolve the issues


 The Professional Mediators at Just Mediation Inc are here to help you. 


The mediation process itself teaches a critical life skill and this exposure to new ways to resolve certain issues can build a foundation for developing healthy social and interpersonal relationships. Mediation Helps all family dynamics establish guidelines for living together cooperatively and peacefully. It helps alleviate the possibility of escalating stress and further disagreements within families by addressing the underlying issues contributing to conflicts between couples,  parents and their children.


If you are looking for a COST EFFECTIVE, amicable way to resolve your problem whatever it may be then you have come to the right place. In Mediation everybody wins because the parties determine the outcome not the strangers in a court room. Having any problem is difficult and stressful enough without making a strategic game of it.


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